Sting vs Triple H

Sting has been on a mission to target Triple H and at WreslteMania, the Vigilante will make his WWE in-ring debut against The Game. Will Sting be victorious in his first ever WWE match or will it be game over for the former WCW star?


This all started back at Survivor Series when Sting made his first ever WWE appearance when he hit Triple H with the scorpion death drop, thus costing The Authority the match and ousting The Game and Stephanie McMahon out of power.

After Rollins made Cena cave into bringing the duo back, the Authority fired Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler. However, just days before the Royal Rumble Sting made his Raw debut and got another one over Triple H when he distracted the Authority and helped John Cena defeat Seth Rollins and win back the jobs of the fired trio.

After weeks of Triple H calling out Sting, the two finally went face-to-face at FastLane where Sting backed the COO into the corner and challenged him to a match at the show of shows.

Triple H didn’t react well to Sting’s challenge and a week later on Raw, Triple H took offence to Booker T’s comments (who knows Sting from their WCW days) and to show how much power he holds, he ‘fired’ the Hall of Famer.

Finally on the 9 March Raw, questions were answered as ‘Sting’ finally spoke on why he has targeted Triple H. Revenge for the end of WCW? Watch the video below to find out.

The next week on Raw, Sting would make a surprise appearance as he assisted Randy Orton in getting one over Triple H and the Authority and in  a WWE Network exclusive following Raw, Sting promised to take down the Game at WrestleMania.

On the go-home Raw, Sting would kick-off Raw where he told the WWE Universe this is not about WCW, it’s about Triple H but the vigilante would be interupted by Triple H’s wife Stephaine McMahon who implied that her father Mr McMahon killed WCW and that at WrestleMania her husband will finish off what’s left of it.

After Sting layed his hands on Stephanie who attempted to slap him, Triple H would hit the ring as he stepped into the ring with a slegehammer, Sting pulled out an equaliser – his bat. Did we get a preview of what’s to come on Sunday?


At 56-years-old it will be interesting to see what sort of shape Sting is in as he steps in the ring for his first ever WWE match against the King of Kings. We know Triple H has still got it but is has been a while since we have seen Sting in the ring.

I reckon he’s still got it and have a feeling this match will exceed expectations and be one of the matches of the night.

It wouldn’t make sense for Sting to lose on his in-ring debut in the WWE  so it looks like Triple H will be set for yet another loss at the showcase of immortals.

Winner: Sting


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