AJ Lee & Paige vs The Bella Twins

For months the Bella Twins have ruled the Diva’s division, but now AJ Lee is back and has frenemy Paige in her corner. Can AJ and Paige end the Bella’s dominance of the Diva’s division or will Nikki and Brie triumph once again?


This one started all the way back at Survivor Series when Nikki Bella defeated AJ lee to become the new Diva’s Champion and after continuing their fued into December, Nikki was victorious again at TLC with the aid of some spray blinding AJ.

After that AJ was not seen for months as Natalya and Paige stepped up to try to dethrone Nikki. Paige would fall to Nikki at FastLane but the Englishwoman would not give up. However with Brie assisting her sister, Paige needed some back-up and got exactly what she needed when AJ made her return and picked up where she left off.

AJ Lee showed no signs of ring rust as she beat Brie on Smackdown just days later and a week later, AJ Lee and Paige – who battled for the Divas title for most of 2014 – would show that they can co-exist after the frenemies saw off Summer Rae and Cameron.

Nikki Bella got some momentum back on her and her sister’s side with a win over AJ Lee on Raw, but by the end of the week the momentum shifted back to the frenemies side after Paige got one up on Brie Bella.

The momentum between these two team has been shifting back and forth but heading into the final Raw before their WrestleMania showdown, only one team could go into the show of shows with the advantage.

Nikki Bella would have to defend her Diva’s Championship against Paige but after AJ Lee accidentally struck Paige, it proved costly as Nikki retained the butterfly. Things between the frenemies broke down after the match which would have put a smile on the Bella’s faces.

However on Smackdown, AJ and Paige seemed to work their differences but the Bella’s would interupt and let the frenemies know exactly what they though of them.


The question surrounding this match is can AJ and Paige get along and put their differences aside to get one over on the Bella Twins? These four are probably the best Divas, WWE have at the moment and if given the time, these Divas can put on a decent display.

Whoever wins, I think there is going to be a major breakdown between one of these teams. I still think Brie could just be fooling Nikki that she’s on her side and that she still feels betrayed for what Nikki did to her at SummerSlam, but I feel WWE are not going to re-open this storyline.

Therefore, I think the Bellas will be victorious after some sort of breakdown in communication between AJ Lee and Paige, but do we really need another AJ vs Paige fued?

Winner: Bella Twins

image: wwe.com

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