The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

One year after Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, The Undertaker steps back into the ring for the first time after he accepted the challenge from the self-proclaimed new face of fear Bray Wyatt. Will The Deadman rise again or will Wyatt clinch a huge victory?


Bray Wyatt has been dominant in the past few months since he returned at Hell in a Cell, with number of victories over Dean Ambrose and a convincing display in the Royal Rumble match among his impressive run.

Following the Royal Rumble,  Bray Wyatt began to air creepy promos with messages like he ‘fears nothing living or dead’ and finally at FastLane, we got answers on what this was all about as Bray Wyatt laid out a challenge to the Deadman at WrestleMania.

Coming out in a casket to the phenom’s entrance only marked the beginning of the mind games with Wyatt setting a casket on fire and bringing his urn to Raw among his acts to get an answer from the Undertaker and on Raw (9 March), Wyatt got what he wanted.

Bray Wyatt would respond to The Undertaker accepting the challenge and he claims the Deadman is a broken man over his streak ending and that WrestleMania 31 will be the passing of the torch as the Eater of World’s becomes the new face of fear.

Wyatt told the WWE Universe that The Undertaker is just human and that the Eater of Worlds controls the Deadman. The Undertaker made his presence felt as thunder and lightning filled the Staples Center, but Wyatt warned him he won’t find redemption for the streak ending but instead he will release The Undertaker’s soul so he can finally rest in peace.


Apart from Bray Wyatt challenging the Deadman at FastLane, this build-up has been very repetitive but there is not a lot you can do when WWE decided to keep Undertaker off TV and although I think that was a good move, the build-up has been pretty lacklustre.

As for the match himself I don’t think Undertaker has much left in the tank but as seen on social media, Undertaker has been putting the work in to be ready and avoid a repeat of last year. I can’t see this match going beyond 15 minutes: Undertaker just can go 30 minutes anymore and WWE should not risk his health.

It will be strange to have both men enter the stadium which is highly likely to be in daylight so we probably won’t get the feeling that both men’s entrances give us. We don’t have a streak so there is a possibility Wyatt could win which would propel him up to the top but I think The Undertaker has to win and gain redemption for the streak ending.

Winner: The Undertaker


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