Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Randy Orton finally gets Seth Rollins one-on-one as the Viper looks to gain some revenge on his former Authority brother for putting him out of action for three months. Will the Viper slay Rollins or will Mr. Money in the Bank prove that he is very much the future of the WWE?

20150224_LIGHT_WM31_Match_HP_OrtonRollinsEven when they were in the Authority together, Rollins and Orton did not get along. Last November, tensions eventually exploded between the two but it was Mr. Money in the Bank who had the last laugh as two curb stomps, including one on the steel steps would put the Viper out of action for over three months.

Orton finally made his return at FastLane but Rollins managed to escape without any scars as Orton took out the Authority. Stephanie managed to get the duo back on terms but tension was still very much there.

After a tag team loss to Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, Orton was far from happy at Rollins’ tagging himself but managed to restrain himself. It was still clear the Viper did not like Rollins and even interrupted  Rollins’ Daily Show, which allowed Jon Stewart to hit the self proclaimed future of the WWE where it hurts.

However, Orton eventually snapped on Raw (9 March) and after screwing over Rollins in a Handicap match against No. 1 Contender Reigns, Orton would give the Architect one hell of a beat down.

As if things couldn’t get worse for Mr Money in the Bank when it appeared Big Show, Kane, J&J Security and even Triple H turned their back on Rollins, but this all turned out to be mind games as the Authority cornered the Viper on Raw a week later. However, Orton would have the last laugh after an assist from an unlikely source, Sting.

Knowing Orton would retaliate, Rollins upped his security but the Viper found his way to Rollins but the Architect escaped another vicious attack as the security were the ones to feel Orton’s wrath.

Not even when the WWE Universe voted Rollins and J&J Security to face the Viper in a 3-on-1 Handicap match, as Mr. Money in the Bank once again avoided Orton as Noble and Mercury suffered. However there will be no more running any more as Orton finally gets his hands on Rollins at WrestleMania.


Out of all the action leading into WrestleMania, I feel this has been the best build-up because this has been brewing since November and now The Viper and the Architect finally get thier hands on each other in what could be one of the matches of the night.

Although it is highly likely J&J Security will get involved, I just hopes Big Show and Kane stay out of it because Orton and Rollins are two really good wrestlers and they should let that do the talking not have the match overshadowed by outside interference.

That being said I think Rollins will get the victory with the likely assist from J&J and possibly a briefcase.  Mr. Money in the Bank might get the victory but I reckon Orton will get the last laugh with a trio of RKO’s “outta nowhere”.

Winner: Seth Rollins

image: wwe.com

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