WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns

Can Roman Reigns silence his doubters and be the one to beat the one in 21-1 and leave WrestleMania as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?


Brock Lesnar dominated John Cena to win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam and Roman Reigns will hope to be the man to take it away from him following the former Shield member’s victory in the Royal Rumble match to book his spot in the main event at the show of shows.

Reigns win did not go down too well with the WWE universe, with the fans firmly behind Daniel Bryan in his quest to win back the title he never lost. As a result, the two-faced off at FastLane where Reigns defeated the YES! man to remain No.1 Contender and prove that he is worthy of facing the Beast for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Lesnar was due to be on Raw the night after FastLane but due to a backstage row over a new contract the Beast stormed out. While the champion was absent Reigns not only had to put up with the fiery Paul Heyman, the No. 1 Contender also had to deal with the Authority.

Despite a loss to Rollins‘ on the 2 March edition of Raw, Reigns struck back immediately and took out all five men all at once as he restored momentum ahead of his showdown with the Beast.

The Beast did come to the March 9 edition of Raw as Heyman addressed his client’s future, but no was no confrontation between the WrestleMania opponents. Roman Reigns would respond on Smackdown, only to be interrupted by a returning Mark Henry who had some choice words for the Royal Rumble winner.

Despite a spear through the barricade, Henry told Reigns he’s putting hid money on Reigns to beat Lesnar but with the duo set to team up to take on Kane and Seth Rollins, Henry was taken out in a backstage attack leaving Reigns all on his own, but he manage to overcome the odds and pick up another victory.

Earlier in the week after Brock Lesnar sent a message promising to f*** up Reigns at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns confronted the Beast’s manager Paul Heyman and told him he plans to silence those doubters.

After weeks of Paul Heyman basically building this fued on his own with just a microphone in hand, Lesnar and Reigns would finally meet face-to-face just six days before WrestleMania. Did the war begin before the show of shows? Watch the video below to find out


This has possibly been one of the worse build-ups to a WrestleMania main event in recent memory. The fact that Lesnar can pick and choose whenever he gets the turn up is ridiculous and when Reigns and Lesnar finally met this past week on Raw, WWE missed the ball and we were left underwhelmed.

Roman Reigns has to win the title tonight and I hope he is not booed out of Levi’s Stadium. I am not a Reigns doubter, I’m a Reigns fan. He’s a good wrestler, works his ass off every week and although he isn’t the best on the mic, he is improving.

With Lesnar signing a new deal, it is less predictable but what could make this WrestleMania memorable is if WWE listen to the fans and produce a double turn. Fans are cheering Lesnar and booing Reigns so why not give the them a reason to do so; have Paul Heyman screw Lesnar out of the title and align himself with Reigns.

Another alternative is that Reigns conquerors the Beast but his celebration is short-lived as Seth Rollins hits the ring and cashes in his Money in the Bank to become new WWE Champion.

Winner: Roman Reigns

image: wwe.com

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