Throwback Thursday: Fully Loaded 2000

In a brand new feature on Balls and Brawls, Throwback Thursday will look back on some of my favourite pay-per-views and moments in WWE History. First up, we travel back to 15 years to Fully Loaded 2000.

I decided to start with Fully Loaded because not only do I think it is one of greatest pay-per-views in WWE history, it was also the first WWE pay-per-view I watched in its entirety.

Full Loaded 2000 was my first pay-per-view to watch image: WWE Network

Full Loaded 2000 was my first pay-per-view to watch
image: WWE Network

I became a fan of WWE back in the summer of 2000 and although I cannot exactly pinpoint exactly when my interest started, I do remember watching Fully Loaded and being completing enthralled in all of the action.

I was nine-years-old and had taped the pay-per-view which aired on British channel Channel 4 the night before. I did not have Sky Sports at the time so it was down to Sky 1 on Saturday mornings with Smackdown and Livewire and Channel 4 for Heat, which also showed other pay-per-views such as Royal Rumble and Backlash, for my wrestling experience.

Fully Loaded is a pay-per-view I have watched many times and I don’t get bored from watching it. Below, is a synopsis of the event and my personal take on each match.

The Event

The showed kicked-off with an entertaining six-person inter-gender tag team match which saw The Hardys and Lita defeat Trish Stratus and T&A. Lita who had being pretty banged up after an assault from Trish, Test and Albert managed to dig deep and hit the moonsault on Stratus for the win.

Trish Stratus and T&A beat down Lita and The Hardys after thier match image: wwenetwork

Trish Stratus and T&A beat down Lita and The Hardys after thier match
image: WWE Network

Up next was a rather forgettable match as Tazz defeated Al Snow, which was followed by Perry Saturn becoming the new European Champion by defeating former Radicalz team-mate Eddie Guerrero.

I remember Chyna folding up like an accordion through the announcers desk by Saturn after the 9th Wonder of the World’s interference and with her out of the equation, Saturn hit a diving elbow off the top rope to Guerrero’s lower back for the win.

I was not a happy nine-year old but thankfully Al Snow defeated Saturn for the title a month later, which saw Snow come out to a different European country each week. It still is today one of my favourite title reigns in history.

Edge and Christian tried to lie their way out of a match with the APA but after Mick Foley caught Christian faking sickness red-handed, the champions headed out to the ring to defend their gold. They would take the cheap way out as Edge hit Faarooq with a title belt to intentionally get disqualified and keep hold of the titles.

Val Venis defending the Intercontinental Championship against Rikishi in a steel cage will be remembered for one thing and that is the sight of a 400lb Samoan coming off the top of the cage crushing Venis below.

However, Tazz would deny Rikishi the win as he smashed him with a camera allowing Venis to drag and arm over Rikishi for the pinfall and retain the Intercontinental title.

Rikishi fought Val Venis in a Cage match image:

Rikishi fought Val Venis in a Cage match

Then it was time for the Triple Main event which started off with the American Badass The Undertaker getting revenge on King of the Ring Kurt Angle for destroying his motorcycle hitting the Last Ride for victory.

In one of my favourite matches of 2000, Triple H defeated Chris Jericho in a barbaric Last Man Standing match after a back drop through the announcers desk sent both men down with the Game barely getting to his feet before the ten count for the victory.

This match had me gripped from Triple H pulling the tape of Jericho’s ribs, to Triple H bleeding like a stuffed pig. The whole Stephanie McMahon-Jericho storyline was so entertaining and came to close with an epic showdown. This was match of the night.

It was time for the main event with the stipulation that if The Rock lost by DQ, he would lose the title. The Rock was my favourite and as a nine-year old kid to see Shane McMahon screw Rocky and make it appear that the Braham Bull hit the referee with a chair, who disqualified Rocky thus handing the title to Chris Benoit.

The Rock hits a Rock Bottom to retain WWE Championship image: WWE Network

The Rock hits a Rock Bottom to retain WWE Championship
image: WWE Network

I was crushed but then to see commissioner Foley come out to save the day and restart the match, I was delighted. The Rock would then hit the Rock Bottom onto Benoit for the win and retain the WWE Championship.

Still to this day, Fully Loaded in one of my favourite ppv’s ever. I have seen it a number of times and I would watch it again. If you haven’t seen this event, it is definitely worth the watch.

Fully Loaded 2000



Date: July 23, 2000
Venue: Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX
Attendance: 16, 504

The Results

1. The Hardys and Lita df T&A and Trish Stratus in a six person inter-gender Tag Team match
2. Tazz df Al Snow
3. Perry Saturn df Eddie Guerrero to become new European Champion
4. APA df WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian by DQ
5. Val Venis df Rikishi in a Cage match to retain Intercontinental Championship
6. The Undertaker df Kurt Angle
7. Triple H df Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing match
8. The Rock df Chris Benoit to retain WWE Championship

Watch Fully Loaded 2000 on the WWE Network

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