WWE TLC Results: Reigns snaps as Sheamus retains WWE title, Ambrose dethrones Owens

A wild finish to an average pay-per-view saw Roman Reigns unleash on the boss Triple H, after the Roman Empire fell short once again as the League of Nations helped Sheamus retain the WWE Championship.

It was a hard-hitting physical TLC match with some great spots including Reigns sending the Celtic Warrior flying into several chairs by the entrance way, a samoan drop through a ladder and also hit the Irishman off the ladder with a superman punch through a table below.

After losing to Sheamus, Roman Reigns unleashed on the boss Triple H image: wwe.com

After losing to Sheamus, Roman Reigns unleashed on the boss Triple H
image: wwe.com

That move looked like it had given the opportunity for Reigns to retrieve the title and thanks to his League of Nations buddies Rusev and Alberto Del Rio (King Barrett notably missing), that gave Sheamus time to regroup.

However, Reigns fought back against the interference but after being nailed with a brogue kick, Reigns could not get back up in time as Sheamus retrieved the title to win the match.

Reigns came so close again and this time instead of feeling sorry for himself, Reigns snapped unleashing a chair attack on the League of Nations before Triple H came down to calm things down.

However, Reigns began to unleash on the boss very much to the pleasure of the sold out Boston crowd who went from booing Reigns and chanting “We want Rollins”, “Daniel Bryan” and even ” We want Cena” (never thought I would hear that chant) to actually cheering for him.

This could have been the moment that Reigns finally won over the fans as after spending so much time on trying to get the sympathy vote, it appears WWE finally realised they needed to change things up and finally have the Big Dog snap.

After missing the chance to turn Reigns heel at Survivor Series, I thought they missed the chance for Reigns to take the next step. However WWE seem intent on pushing him as babyface and last night looked like it marked the beginning of Reigns breaking out of his shell.

After hitting an elbow drop on his boss through a table, what is next for the Roman Empire? Will he be suspended or will the Authority put massive obstacles in his way, such as winning the Royal Rumble from number one.

The main event and the fallout after the match saved the pay-per-view because the rest of the show was poor, with Dean Ambrose’s win over Kevin Owens to secure his first Intercontinental title a big disappointment.

Dean Ambrose won his first Intercontinental Championship image: wwe.com

Dean Ambrose won his first Intercontinental Championship
image: wwe.com

I am glad Ambrose won the gold but the match failed to live up to my expectation and although the ending was good with the Lunatic Fringe countering the pop-up powerbomb into a roll-up, I wanted the match to go longer.

It took a while for the match to get going and once it did, it was over. Both their matches at Survivor Series and TLC have been disappointing, particularly last night which should have been given more time.

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