Roman Reigns wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

After nearly a year of coming up just short, Roman Reigns finally overcame the odds to win his second WWE Championship just 24 hours after the Roman Empire snapped and assaulted Triple H at TLC.

Reigns saw the gold slip away from him once again on Sunday night, when outside interference from the League of Nations helped Sheamus retain the WWE Championship in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

Roman Reigns is now a two-time WWE Champion image:

Roman Reigns is now a two-time WWE Champion

After the match, Reigns snapped attacking the three present members of the League of Nations before launching a vicious assault on the COO Triple H, who was escorted from the TD Garden in an ambulance.

This really intrigued me for what was to happen on Raw but there is no way I would have predicted Reigns left Philadelphia as the new WWE Champion and the return of the chairman Mr McMahon.

It was one of the best Raw’s in a long time and if this doesn’t get the ratings up nothing will. Mr McMahon returned to confront Reigns over his assault on his son-in-law and demand an apology from Reigns.

After McMahon threatened to beat an apology out of Reigns, WWE Champion Sheamus interrupted saying he wanted to do it for him and he was so confident of beating him, he will even put his title on the line.

McMahon initially rejected the idea but after Reigns labelled him an ‘old man’, he gave Reigns his match but warned him if he lost he would be fired.

24 hours after a great main event at TLC, Reigns and Sheamus delivered once again with an epic Raw main event in which Reigns finally got his hands on back on the gold spearing Sheamus for the win.

The Philadelphia crowd went nuts for Reigns and it was only 11 months ago at the Royal Rumble in the same arena, that the fans rejected Reigns as the winner of a disastrous Royal Rumble booing him out of the building.

You could say what a difference 11 months makes but this is the case of what a difference 24 hours can make. Fans at TLC were chanting ‘We want Cena’ and ‘We want Rollins’ during the main event to cheering ‘Thank you Reigns’ after taking out The Game.

However, while I am pleased Reigns seems to be finally getting over with the fans, I am gutted for Sheamus losing the title as I thought he was doing a really good job as champion.

This move just threw WrestleMania plans up in the air in my books. Is it possible that Triple H himself will go after the championship at the showcase of immortals or will it be Lesnar v Reigns II?

Whatever the plan is, I am intrigued on what is going to happen in the weeks to come and I hope Mr McMahon sticks around because seeing him back on TV last night was just like the good old days of the villainous chairman.

Reigns saw Seth Rollins deny him at WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt cost him Money in the Bank and the gold slip way from him after just five minutes at Survivor Series, but Reigns finally had his night as he captured the WWE Championship.

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