Balls and Brawls Site Review 2015

As another year draws to a close, let us look back on how Balls and Brawls did in 2015. Which article was the most read? Which country ranked highest for most views? Check out the stats now in the annual report.


Click on the image to read the full report

  • Balls and Brawls was viewed over 2690 times in 2015, that is up by over 1200 views from 2014. The busiest day of the year was 2 August with 57 views recorded on that day.
  • These views came from 73 different countries. The most views came from the United States who accounted for over 1500 views. United Kingdom was some way off in second place with 415 views, while Ireland came third with just over 200 views.
  • Over 400 posts were published in 2015 bringing the total number of posts recorded on this blog since it was launched back in early 2013 to over 860 posts. In 2016, Balls and Brawls will hit its 1000th post.

Thanks to everyone who visited Balls and Brawls in 2015 and thanks for all the likes, shares and reblogs. I hope to add even more features to this site in 2016 and I hope you keep on enjoying reading my blog.

Happy New Year.

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