The Weird and Wonderful of WrestleMania: WrestleMania 21

WrestleMania 21 went Hollywood as we saw the beginning of the rise of John Cena who took on JBL for the WWE Championship, while Batista also looked for his major title against World Heavyweight Champion Triple H.



Date: April 3, 2005
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance: 20,193


1. Rey Mysterio df Eddie Guerrero

2. Edge df Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, Kane, Shelton Benjamin in the Money in the Bank Ladder match

3. Undertaker df Randy Orton

4. Trish Stratus df Christy Hemme to retain WWE Women’s Championship

5. Kurt Angle df Shawn Michaels

6. Akebono df Big Show in a Sumo match

7. John Cena df JBL to become new WWE Champion

8. Batista df Triple H to become new World Heavyweight Champion

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5 Facts about WrestleMania 21

1. WrestleMania 21 is the only WrestleMania where both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight title changed hands at the event. John Cena claimed his first WWE Championship with victory over JBL, while Batista also won his first major title by defeating Triple H in the main event to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H was originally meant to face Randy Orton in the main event but with Orton failing as a babyface, WWE changed their plans finishing up the Triple H versus Orton feud at the Royal Rumble. Instead, they had Batista turn on The Game after winning the Royal Rumble to face him for the World title at the showcase of immortals.

2. For the first time ever at WrestleMania, there was no tag team match of any kind. The Tag Team Champions actually went one-on-one as Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero to pick up his first WresteMania victory. John Cena’s battle at WrestleMania 23 with Shawn Michaels was the only other time that Tag Team Champions faced off against each other at the showcase of immortals.

3. Undertaker went 13-0 with victory over Randy Orton but this was not the original plan for the Deadman. Plans were for him to team with brother Kane to face Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich but these plans were scrapped when Undertaker asked to work with Orton. There were also plans for Orton to end the streak at WrestleMania 21 but he refused to be the man to break it, out of respect for The Undertaker.

4. The first ever Money in the Bank Ladder match took place at WrestleMania 21 as Edge overcame five other competitors to claim the briefcase and win his third Ladder match at the showcase of immortals. Edge would successfully cash in on John Cena at New Year’s Revolution 2006 to win his first WWE Championship. Chris Jericho and writer Brian Gewirtz came up with the idea of a ‘Hollywood Dream Ladder match’ with the winner getting whatever he desired. Vince McMahon disliked the vagueness of that idea so Jericho suggested the winner receive a world title match the next night on Raw, to which Gerwirtz tweaked that idea into a future world title match at the winner’s convenience. Vince approved this idea and added that the winner would carry the contract around in a briefcase.

5. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania, Hulk Hogan would make an appearance on the showcase of immortals as he saved Eugene from a 2-1 assault by Muhammed Hassan and Daivari. This was Hogan’s final WrestleMania appearance until WrestleMania 30. Stone Cold also made an appearance as a guest on a special edition of Piper’s Pit. Carlito would interrupt the legendary duo but the segment would end with both Carlito and Rowdy Roddy Piper suffering stunners from the Texas Rattlesnake.

Watch WrestleMania 21 on the WWE Network at this link.

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