Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

Shane McMahon wants control of Raw but in order to get what he wants Shane O’Mac must defeat WWE legend The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell on the grandest stage.

However the pressure is also on the Deadman, because if he fails to do Mr McMahon’s dirty work and succumbs to his second WrestleMania loss, this WrestleMania will be The Undertaker’s last

Shane Mc Mahon is fighting for control of Raw image:

Shane Mc Mahon wants control of Raw as Undertaker fights for his career

After over six years away from the company, Shane McMahon returned to Raw to confront his father Mr Mc Mahon, who had just awarded his daughter Stephanie as the first recipient of the Vincent J Mc Mahon Legacy of Excellence award.

Shane feels that his sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Triple H has been running WWE in the ground and wants control of Monday Night Raw to ensure the company’s future.

Mr Mc Mahon decided Shane can have what he wants as long as he can defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 inside the Devil’s playground Hell in a Cell, which was met by mixed views from the WWE Universe.

The Deadman was tipped to take on John Cena at WrestleMania but after Cena suffered an injury ruling him out of the event and fan backlash to an Undertaker vs Braun Strowman match, we got Shane O’Mac versus The Phenom.

The next week on Raw,  Undertaker told Mr McMahon that what he does to Shane inside Hell will be on Mr. Mc Mahon’s hands but that did not rattle the boss, who renounced Shane as his son and broke a picture of him and Shane attending his son’s first WWE event.

The chairman would send on security to remove Shane from the building but Shane O’Mac refused to go without a fight and he attacked security giving us a little taster of what he will offer inside Hell in a Cell.

On the 14 March edition of Raw, Shane and The Deadman came to face to face and after claiming that Undertaker is Vince’s ‘bitch’, the Deadman did not react kindly and chokeslammed Shane O’Mac.

Despite Undertaker getting one up on his son, Vince Mc Mahon knows Shane will treat this like the fight of his life and weekly video packages showed the former CEO getting in top shape for the match with intense training sessions.

As a result, the chairman decided to up the ante on The Undertaker announcing that if the Phenom does not beat his son Shane on the grandest stages, this WrestleMania will be The Undertaker’s last.

Just six days before thier Hell in a Cell match, Shane and Undertaker gave us a preview of what is come at WrestleMania and it is Shane who will head to WrestleMania with the momentum after sending Undertaker crashing through the announcer’s table.


I am still reeling over the fact that we went from a potential WrestleMania classic between John Cena and The Undertaker, to fan backlash over a Deadman vs Braun Strowman match, to an underwhelming Undertaker vs Shane McMahon announcement.

It is good to see Shane McMahon back in the WWE and while I like the angle of Shane O’Mac trying to win control of Raw, I still can’t believe he is actually set to go one-on-one with the Deadman inside Hell in a Cell.

When it was first announced, I thought that Shane would get a representative to wrestle for him against Undertaker but as the week’s went on, nothing came of it and we soon realised Shane would actually be stepping inside the Devil’s playground.

If Shane is somehow going to beat the Phenom, the only way he is going to do it is with some help. Maybe John Cena will clash with Undertaker after all to help Shane or maybe we could see the debut of the Balor Club in the WWE.

However, with the stipulation that if Undertaker loses it will be his last, I can’t see the Deadman losing to Shane McMahon. It was rumoured to be his last when the plan was for him to face Cena but his last WrestleMania cannot be against Shane.

Winner: The Undertaker

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