AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

After being at each others throats for over two months, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho will finally settle the score  when they go face-to-face one last time on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Just over two months ago, AJ Styles made his much-anticipated WWE debut at the Royal Rumble and the Phenomenal One put in an incredible effort lasting nearly 30 minutes before being eliminated by Kevin Owens.

AJ Styles fights Chris Jericho on his WrestleMania debut image: wwe.com

AJ Styles fights Chris Jericho on his WrestleMania debut
image: wwe.com

However the next night on Raw, AJ Styles would get his first win in WWE with victory over Chris Jericho but it appeared that losing to a WWE rookie did not go down too well with Y2J.

Jericho would get his rematch against Styles and after snatching victory over the Phenomenal One, the two men headed for a decider at FastLane to decide who the better man is.

It would be Styles who got the win at FastLane but the next night on Raw, there were no hard feelings from Jericho who told AJ Styles he has proven he deserves to be here and has earned his respect.

The Social Outcasts were not buying it but when Styles and Jericho decided to form Y2AJ, they defeated the Social Outcasts and also secured a win over New Day to earn themselves a WWE Tag Team Championship match.

However, the tag team Y2AJ would be a short-lived one because after New Day defeated Jericho and Styles to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship, Jericho turned his back on Styles nailing him with three codebreakers.

Three days later on Smackdown, the six-time World Champion said he is fed up of hearing about AJ Styles and plans to destroy his WWE career before it even gets going. Jericho then took the Y2AJ shirt and set it ablaze as a symbol of what will happen to AJ’s career.

AJ Styles would respond with an attack on Jericho the next week on Raw after Chris Jericho let frustration get the better of him as he was disqualified in a match with Neville.

AJ Styles would turn his attention to Kevin Owens on Smackdown but thanks to a distraction from Jericho, Styles fell to defeat. He would get another chance against Owens on Raw but once again, a Y2J distraction saw Styles fall to defeat.

AJ Styles would try to use Jericho’s own tricks against him in Y2J’s match with Fandango later in the night but it did not stop Jericho getting the win over Fandango.

The Phenomenal One hit the ring looking for a fight with the Canadian but Jericho backed down. AJ Styles had enough of Jericho’s games and challenged him to a match at WrestleMania to settle the score once and for all.

Y2J initially rejected the match offer but after he suffered a shock loss to Zack Ryder thanks to AJ’s distraction on the final Raw before the showcase of immortals, Jericho accepted the challenge as he plans to prematurely end Styles WWE career.


AJ Styles has made quite the impact after just over two months in the WWE and after an impressive display in the Royal Rumble, he entered into quite the rivalry with Chris Jericho.

Their match at FastLane failed to live up to expectations but I am expecting better things from the two experienced wrestlers at WrestleMania and the match could be a potential show stealer.

It may be Chris Jericho’s 12th WrestleMania, but this Sunday he searches for just a sixth WrestleMania victory and his first since WrestleMania XXVI. I have a feeling he will still be waiting for that sixth win after Sunday’s clash with AJ Styles.

There is nothing to gain from a Jericho win, whereas Styles needs to keep the momentum going if he is to become a big star in the WWE. I am predicting  AJ Styles to bag victory on his WrestleMania debut but I would not say it’s a safe bet.

Winner: AJ Styles

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