Payback 2016 Results: Reigns retains WWE Championship, Owens secures victory against Zayn

AJ Styles came up just short in his quest to become WWE Champion as Roman Reigns walked out of Chicago just like he walked in after retaining the WWE Championship in the main event of Payback.

Reigns predictably came out to a chorus of boos as the Chicago crowd were very much behind Styles and as the match progressed at slow pace, Styles were very much in control of the champion.

AJ Styles phenomenal forearm sent Roman Reigns through the announcers desk image:

AJ Styles phenomenal forearm sent Roman Reigns through the announcers desk

After Styles Phenomenal forearm sent Reigns through the announcer’s table, the champion did not answer the ten count but Shane McMahon ordered the match to restart with no countout’s.

Reigns hit Styles with a low blow and once again we had a false finish as Stephanie McMahon came out to restart the match for the second time to try to get one-up on her brother.

The No DQ stipulation allowed Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to attack Reigns but when The Uso’s evened the odds, the match finally hit top gear but just as it was getting going, Reigns nailed Styles with a spear to retain the WWE Championship.

I have seen some people praise the main event but for me, I couldn’t get into it at all. The match was spoiled by two interferences from Shane and Stephanie but there was glimpses of some really good stuff from both men.

As the event drew to a close, we learned that Styles will get another shot at Reigns WWE Championship in an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules, which I’m sure will be a much better match.

For me, the match of the night saw Kevin Owens overcome former best friend Sami Zayn in a brilliant match with both men throwing in everything they had until a pop-up powerbomb was enough for Owens to secure the win.

This was a brilliant match with both men showcasing the best of their ability and although Zayn did lose the match, he put on a great showing in his first singles pay-per-view match.

It was a thrilling match from start to finish that kept you interested from the offset in a fast paced match-up and while the victory went to Kevin Owens, Zayn too can be very proud of his efforts.

However, it was not the last that we saw of Zayn and Owens as thanks to Sami’s attack on Owens that The Miz took advantage of the chaos to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Kevin Owens overcame Sami Zayn in the match of the night image:

Kevin Owens overcame Sami Zayn in the match of the night

Following his win over Zayn, Owens stuck around to join commentary for the Intercontinental title but with Zayn attacking Owens, the brawl spilled into the ring that cost Cesaro winning the title.

The Miz submitted to Cesaro’s crossface after a decent match but with the referee distracted by Zayn and Owens, Cesaro released Miz to take out the duo but then the champion sneaked up from behind to steal the win with a leverage roll up.

It was a decent match between Cesaro and The Miz but it was always going to be hard to follow-up the thrilling Owens vs Zayn match. Cesaro enjoyed control for the majority of the match but it was The Miz who would leave Chicago with the title.

All the fall out suggests that while The Miz somehow managed to retain, he could have his hands full at Extreme Rules in defending the gold against Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a Fatal Four Way match.

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