Backlash 2016 Results: Styles dethrones Ambrose to win first WWE World Championship

AJ Styles incredible first year in WWE continued with the Phenomenal One defeating Dean Ambrose to claim his first WWE World Championship, as Smackdown’s Backlash proved to be a big hit.

After making his debut back at the Royal Rumble, Styles has impressed fans with a string of great matches and Backlash was no different as the 39-year-old put in another incredible display to get his hands on his first championship in WWE.

AJ Styles added the WWE Championship t his long list of accomplishments image:

AJ Styles added the WWE Championship to his long list of accomplishments

I expected Ambrose and Styles to put on a great match and they did not disappoint with high-flying moves, hard hits and edge of your seat excitement and in the end, Styles took advantage of a referee bump with a low blow to the champion following up with Styles Clash for the win.

It was yet another great display from Styles, but you must give credit to Ambrose who managed to hold his own in the early stages against the challenger but as the match went on, Styles took control and there was only one way this one was going.

No man deserved the title more than AJ Styles and it is good to see WWE acknowledge the great talent that he is by rewarding the former TNA wrestler ‘s incredible form by putting their faith in him to lead the Smackdown brand.

It was a great main event and with the controversial ending, it means that we will be in store for more with Ambrose expected to get his rematch at No Mercy in October in what should be another great contest.

It was a night where the wrestling did the talking as The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in another great match to retain his Intercontinental Championship albeit in controversial fashion.

These two men are without a doubt two of the most underrated talents in Smackdown and the Show Off put in a great display against the A-Lister, before Maryse got involved spraying something in his eyes allowing Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to retain the gold.

From start to finish, The Miz and the Show Off went back and forth in a high tempo match-up and with The Miz managing to retain the title albeit with the help from his wife, his encounter with general manager Daniel Bryan before the match makes you wonder if Bryan is set for a comeback.

I was half expecting Bryan to come out after the match following the controversial ending in attempt to try screw The Miz out of the gold, but I do think there is something to this war of words between Bryan and Miz and it very much could lead to one more match for the YES man.

Bray Wyatt was scheduled to go one-on-one with Randy Orton but news broke on Sunday evening that the Viper was not cleared to compete at Backlash due to the head injury he sustained against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Randy Orton hit Bray Wyatt with an RKO to cost him his match against Kane image:

Randy Orton hit Bray Wyatt with an RKO to cost him his match against Kane

It forced WWE into a change of plans and they down the path of having Wyatt attack Orton before their match with the eater of Worlds being awarded a forfeit victory against the 12-time WWE Champion.

However, Wyatt would get a match at Backlash against Kane in No Holds Barred action, which proved to be a very exciting match with Wyatt sending Kane through the announcer’s table the highlight in an excellent impromptu match.

Orton would make an appearance to cost Wyatt the match as he limped out to the ring and hit the Face of Fear with an RKO outta nowhere, before Kane sealed the deal with a chokeslam.

I hate to see Wyatt keep losing but it works in the fact that Wyatt will be out to gain revenge on Orton for costing him the match and hopefully we finally get Orton one-on-one with Wyatt at No Mercy.

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