Throwback Thursday: SummerSlam 1992

It is 1992: Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games, Whitney Houston topped the charts, Bill Clinton was elected president of the USA and over 80,000 fans fled to Wembley Stadium for WWE SummerSlam.

24 years on and it is still the only major WWE pay-per-view to take place outside of the United States and unsurprisingly is the most attended SummerSlam off all time and the fourth highest attended WWE pay-per-view in history.

SummerSlam 1992 was the first WWE pay-per-view to take place outisde if North America image:

SummerSlam 1992 was the first WWE pay-per-view to take place outside North America

Wrestling in the early 1990’s was not its most strongest period in time but SummerSlam 1992 did give us one of the greatest SummerSlam matches of all time when hometown man British Bulldog squared up against Intercontinental Champion Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart in the main event.

With Bulldog’s wife and Hart’s sister Diana nervously watching on, the brothers in law put on a classic which many still consider the greatest SummerSlam match of all time as Davey Boy Smith beat The Hitman to win the Intercontinental title in his home country.

He may have got the victory but Bulldog was on the back foot for most of the match, with Hart reading his opponent well having an answer for any attempted offence as the defending champion controlled much of the match.

However, the momentum started to swing in the Bulldog’s favour when Hart suffered an awkward fall onto the ropes, as Davey Boy lost his balance on a gorilla press slam. He hit his finisher the Running Powerslam but Hart managed to kick out to keep the match alive.

Bret Hart swung the momentum back in his favour with the sharpshooter but after making it to the ropes to break the hold, Bulldog reversed Hart’s sunset flip into a roll up to secure his first and only Intercontinental title.

It was a thrilling match from start to finish with a good display of technical wrestling and plenty of back and forth action and it is without doubt on one of the best wrestling matches of all time.

The next best action came in the WWE Championship match as champion Macho Man Randy Savage battled the Ultimate Warrior in a WrestleMania VII rematch, but this match was more about the story than its match quality.

Savage and Warrior are without a doubt two of the most colourful and charismatic superstars of all time and there was plenty of back and forth action in the early goings and despite taking a knock to his back, Macho Man hit a big double axe handle onto Warrior on the outside.

Much of the talk leading into the match was on whose corner Mr Perfect would be in and as he arrived with former champion Ric Flair, it first appeared he was on the side of the Warrior, but then he held Warrior back as Flair nailed the challenger with brass knuckles.

Unbeknownst of what happened Savage went up top of hit the flying elbow drop but after Warrior kicked out, the momentum swung back in his favour until Flair nailed Warrior with a chair as Mr Perfect caused a distraction.

Savage finally realised of Flair and Perfect’s dirty little plan but his decision to launch himself onto the Nature Boy on the outside backfired as Flair struck him with a chair to cause him to get counted out and hand Warrior the victory, but not the title.

After the bell sounded, Flair and Perfect went to work on Savage’s injured ankle until Warrior chased them away with a chair and despite his frustration of not winning the title, he helped the champion to his feet and assisted him to the back.

British Bulldog beat Bret Hart in his home country to win the Intercontinental title image:

British Bulldog beat Bret Hart in his home country to win the Intercontinental title

It was a decent match but the countout victory was obviously disappointing and it was not the only match to finish in these standards as Rick ‘The Model’ Martel and Shawn Michaels fought each other to a double countout thanks to the devious actions of Sensational Sherri.

Sherri, smitten by both men, introduced a rule that neither man could hit each other in the face to ruin their good looks and they complied early on as we witnessed fast-paced back and forth action between the cocky Martel and the talented Michaels.

However after some tight pulling from both men, tensions boiled over and after both men slapped each other in the face. Sherri proved her displeasure by climbing onto the ring apron before pretending to faint.

Michaels and Martel squabbled over which man would help her but things got out of control as they battled down the aisle forcing a double countout. The action could have been better if they were given more time but it was Sherri who stole the show in this one.

There were also a couple of decent tag team matches with the best of the two on offer, coming in the form of the Natural Disasters retaining their WWE Tag Team Championship against the Beverly Brothers.

The brothers did not have the most iconic career but they gave a good account of themselves against the big men, as the heel duo worked on Typhoon with good double team moves and keeping him from making the tag to his partner Earthquake.

It was a good display of tag team wrestling with Typhoon finally making the hot tag to Earthquake, who dominated his opponent in the latter stages and hit the Earthquake splash on Beau to retain their titles.

It was also victory for crowd favourites Legion of Doom who saw off the test of Money Inc. in the opening match of the night , in a match almost a copy of the title bout with Money Inc wearing down Hawk before the babyfaces scored the win.

There was typical heel tactics from Money Inc including distracting the referee to miss a tag to Animal but the referee did see Hawk’s second tag to his partner Animal, who scored the win with a powerslam on Ted DiBiase in a good but far from great opener.

Legion of Doom came to the ring on motorbikes image:

Legion of Doom enter Wembley Stadium on motorbikes for their match against Money Inc

Unfortunately the rest of the show lacked thrilling wrestling action, among them Undertaker’s short and disappointing encounter with Kamala, with some of the action appearing to be cut from the WWE Network.

Undertaker dominated the Ugandan Giant early on, until Kamala pulled him off the top rope while he attempted Old School with the distraction by Harvey Wippleman. However his dominance was short-lived as Undertaker regained control with a chokeslam.

The drab affair was brought to an end when Kamala’s manager Kim Chee hit the Deadman with a helmet as he attempted the Tombstone to give Undertaker a DQ victory. The action did not stop there as Kamala attacked Taker after the match, but retreated in fear when Taker sat up.

Crush, who Vince McMahon said he had a “very bright future” on commentary, picked up the win over Repo Man in another forgettable match as the Repo Man passed out to the Cranium Crunch and while that was bad, it was not the worst.

Nailz -who was embroiled in a rivalry with Big Boss Man at the time – defeated Boss Man’s ally Virgil in another short affair, which is also one of the worst WWE matches I have ever seen.

Nailz, dressed in his orange prison jumpsuit, was very limited in his ability and just attempted to choke his opponent at any time and although Virgil tried to get some fight out of him, Nailz won his short match as Virgil passed out to a pathetic sleeper hold attempt.

Nailz, who they tried to build as this scary heel, then attacked Virgil with the nightstick that he stole from the Big Boss Man after the match, but as we know Nailz failed to make an impact and was released just a few weeks later after allegedly attacking Vince McMahon.

If you are thinking about giving SummerSlam 1992 a watch, it might be best to fast forward to the classic between Bret Hart and British Bulldog, while the WWE Championship match is also worth the watch.

SummerSlam will forever be remembered as the biggest SummerSlam of all time as the amazing spectacle that was 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium and a match between Bret Hart and the late British Bulldog which will be always regarded as one of the best of all time.

SummerSlam 1992

summerslam_1992Date: 29 August 1992 (aired 31 August in United States)
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Attendance: 16, 504

The Results
1. Legion of Doom df Money Inc in a Tag Team match
2. Nailz df Virgil
3. Shawn Michaels fought Rick ‘The Model’ Martel to a double countout
4. Natural Distasters df Beverly Brothers to retain WWE Tag Team Championship
5. Crush df Repo Man
6. Ultimate Warrior df WWE Champion Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage by countout
7. Undertaker df Kamala by DQ
8. British Bulldog df Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart to become new Intercontinental Champion

Watch SummerSlam 1992 in full on the WWE Network.

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