Throwback Thursday: Armageddon 1999

As the new Millenium dawned WWE superstars went to war at Armageddon 1999, including the boss himself Vince McMahon who battled new son-in-law Triple H in a No Holds Barred match.

The chairman screwed The Game out of the WWE Championship at the previous Survivor Series, but Triple H would do the unthinkable to get back at Vince when he married his daughter Stephanie in Las Vegas.

Three new champions were crowned in ten matches at Armageddon 1999 image:

Three new champions were crowned in ten matches at Armageddon 1999

This rivalry was now personal and as we got set for out main event at the National Car Rental Center in Fort Lauderdale, McMahon gained the advantage from the outset blinding Triple H by throwing powder in his eyes.

Mick Foley arrived to ringside with a trolley full of weapons as a gift for the boss and Vince continued to go to work on The Game with the aid of trash cans, street signs and even a crutch.

However as the action continued away from the ring, Triple H pulled the momentum in his favour when he there Vince head first into the ring steps, ran the trolley into his father-in-law’s face before the action went even further away from the ring and into the parking lot.

McMahon just narrowly avoided being run down by a car driven by The Game with Triple H continued to go to work on the chairman and slammed him on top of a limo. They returned to inside the arena, but once again it was Triple H who was well in control.

Vince’s decision to follow Triple H up part of the stage area backfired as Triple H slammed his head into the steel tower sending McMahon crashing into a bunker below, a move which also busted the chairman wide open.

Triple H’s actions would hit a new low when he pulled the bloody McMahon right in front of his distraught daughter Stephanie at ringside and when he went for the sledgehammer, the fatigued McMahon somehow found the strength to nail his opponent with a low blow.

Vince grabbed the sledgehammer but Stephanie jumped into the ring saying she wanted to do it. However after she hesitated, Triple H grabbed the weapon from her and blasted the chairman in the face with the sledgehammer and made the pin to score the victory.

In shocking conclusion, when it appeared The Game was going to blast Stephanie with the sledgehammer, a smile came over the face of Stephanie who then embraced Triple H to mark the beginning of the McMahon-Hemsley era and turn her back on her father.

It was not the greatest main event I ever saw in terms of wrestling quality but it was certainly an entertaining fight albeit, which concluded in shocking style as Stephanie united with The Game as they went on to become the most powerful couple in the WWE.

After being drugged and married in Las Vegas, Stephanie embraced her new hubaad image:

After being drugged and married in Las Vegas, Stephanie embraced her new husband

As part of his victory Triple H would receive a WWE Championship match against Big Show, after the 500 pounder destroyed Big Boss Man in a short encounter to end his bitter and personal fued with the Boss Man.

If kidnapping Al Snow’s dog Pepper and feeding him to his owner was not dastardly enough, the Boss Man would show no remorse for Big Show when his father passed away and crashed the funeral.

An angry giant dominated his opponent throughout the match and also chokeslammed Boss Man’s partner Prince Albert through the Spanish announcers desk, before he hit Boss Man with another chokeslam to retain the title in this forgettable encounter.

The Rock and Mankind came up short in their attempt to win WWE Tag Team gold as Al Snow’s interference would cause a DQ victory for Rock n’ Sock as New Age Outlaws just managed to retain their titles in a solid and entertaining tag team encounter.

It was very back and forth in the early goings and it was the champions who first began to build some momentum as they went to work on The Rock until Road Dogg’s pump handle slam attempt was met with a low blow from the People’s Champion.

Rocky made the hot tag to Mankind and he rallied against his opponents but after the referee was knocked down, Al Snow arrived to hit Mankind with Head. However, The Rock saved the match-up by pulling out the referee on Road Dogg’s pin attempt.

Mankind showed great strength to kick out of both a shot from the ring bell and Mr. Ass’ piledriver and after making the tag to Rocky, he hit the Rock Bottom on Gunn only for Snow to return to the ring and cause a disqualification.

Rock n’ Sock had the last laugh on Snow as Rock connected with the People’s Elbow much to big cheers from the Fort Lauderdale crowd but unfortunately for them, the tag team titles cannot change hands on a DQ.

New Age Outlaws also learned at Armageddon that their opponents for the Royal Rumble would be the Acolytes as they last eliminated Hardy Boys in an eight team No.1 Contenders Battle Royal.

In the early goings, Mean Street Posse took advantage of the referee’s distraction, as Joey Abs and Rodney exchanged places twice when the referee did not see the elimination, but the Jimmy Korderas did catch them being tossed out for the third time.

The Headbangers were next eliminated, followed by The Godfather & Mark Henry and Too Cool before D’Von Dudley pulled Edge off the apron by his tights as the Dudleys eliminated rivals Edge and Christian.

Matt Hardy threw out D’Von Dudley to bring the match down to two teams and after Bradshaw and Matt went over the same time, it made for a thrilling end as Farrooq sent an air bourne Jeff Hardy flying over face first into the barricade for the Acolytes to pick up the win.

There may not have been any great wrestling matches at Armageddon 1999 but there was plenty of good strong showings, with another one coming inside a Steel Cage as Kane overcame the threat of X-Pac.

Kane hits a flying clothesline off the top of the cage against X-Pac image:

Kane hits a flying clothesline off the top of the cage against X-Pac

After X-Pac locked Kane inside the cage and taunted his girlfriend Tori, Kane climbed out after him and when the match finally got under way, Kane used his size and strength to his advantage until the momentum swung when Kane landed groin first on the top rope.

New Age Outlaws came to assist their DX partner and X-Pac took advantage hitting Kane with the X Factor face first onto a chair. He then proceeded to handcuff him to the cage and when Tori try to plead with him to stop, he nailed her with an X-Factor.

Kane manage to break the handcuffs and deny X-pac his escape from the cage and after hitting him with an incredible clothesline of the top of cage, Kane sealed the victory with a Tombstone.

A new Intercontinental Champion was crowned as Chris Jericho ended the reign of the only woman to ever hold the gold Chyna in a another solid display of back and forth wrestling action with Chyna submitting to the Walls of Jericho for Y2J to win the title.

Jericho had the early advantage in the match with a suplex to Chyna onto the announcers desk but when he pulled out a chair in an attempt to re-injure her thumb, Chyna just avoided the hit and kicked the chair back into his face.

The action continued in the ring as both Chyna and Jericho exchanged big moves until Chyna finally built some momentum by getting her knees up on Jericho’s lionsault attempt and tossing him into the turnbuckle that Y2J exposed.

Both had near falls to win it but in the end, Jericho reversed Chyna’s roll up into the Walls of Jericho which forced Chyna to tap out in another thrilling match and in my mind, the best wrestling match of the night.

A new European champion was also crowned as Val Venis defeated champion British Bulldog and D-Lo Brown in a Triple Threat match to win his first European title.

This was your typical Triple Threat match with fast paced action and short-lived partnerships and despite a botched springboard attempt from D-Lo when he slipped on the ropes and a bad landing for Bulldog, it was another good match.

In the closing stages, Bulldog thought he retained his title with the running powerslam only for D-lo to put Venis’ foot on the bottom rope and after he hit the Lo-Down on Bulldog, Venis broke the pin with the Money Shot and pinned Bulldog to claim the European Championship.

The great action continued in the form of the unbeaten Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle defeated Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman in another solid display of wrestling, despite chants of ‘boring’ from the unappreciative 17,000+ in attendance.

Fans were not impressed by Angle’s cockiness after making his debut at the previous Survivor Series, but we will have had to admit after this one that he is a great wrestler although Blackman also gave as good as he got.

Again there was plenty of back and forth action with both men missing high risk moves with Blackman pulling out a few impressive submission moves against the Olympian and plenty of near falls.

Kurt Angle beat Steve Blackman by a german suplex image:

Kurt Angle beat Steve Blackman by a german suplex

The end was a bit disappointing with Angle winning with a simple German suplex pin to keep his unbeaten streak alive but the Lethal Weapon had the final say as he attacked Angle with his Nun-chucks.

The Hollys overcame the size advantage of Rikishi and Viscera in tag team action with Hardcore scoring the pinfall on Rikishi after Viscera accidentally nailed his tag team partner with a spinning kick.

Throughout the unimpressive tag team match, Viscera and Rikishi did not seem to be on the same page and tensions between the two heavyweights spilled over after the match when Rikishi kicked Big Vis out of the ring.

The final piece of action comes in the form of a new Women’s Champion, as Miss Kitty defeated champion Ivory, Jacqeline and BB in a Fatal Four Way Evening gown pool match.

It was a time where you would not get chants of “women’s wrestling” as the women were more used as sex symbols, striping down to their bra and panties with Jerry Lawler screaming for “puppies”.

In a match where the way to win was by stripping your opponent out of her evening gown, it was Miss Kitty who managed to keep her dress on last. However, she gave fans what they wanted to see until Sgt Slaughter covered her up much her male fans disappointment.

Overall, Armageddon won’t be remembered as one of the greatest pay-per-views ever but there was still plenty of solid wrestling action with a main event that saw a big game changer in the landscape of the WWE.

Armageddon 1999

armageddon_1999Date: 12 December 1999
Venue: National Car Rental Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attendance: 17,054

The Results
1. Acolytes won an No. 1 Contender’s Tag Team Battle Royal
2. Kurt Angle df Steve Blackman
3. Miss Kitty df Ivory, BB, Jacqueline in a Fatal 4 Way Evening Gown Pool match to become new Women’s Champion with Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah as guest referees
4. The Hollys df Rkishi & Viscera
5. Val Venis df British Bulldog, D-lo Brown in a Triple Threat match to become new European Champion
6. Kane df X-Pac in a Steel Cage match
7. Chris Jericho df Chyna to become new Intercontinental Champion
8. Rock n’ Sock Connection df WWE Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws by DQ
9. Big Show df Big Boss Man to retain WWE Championship
10. Triple H df Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match

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