Hell in a Cell 2016 Results: Charlotte claims shock win over Banks, KO and Reigns conquer Hell

History was made at WWE Hell in a Cell as Sasha Banks and Charlotte became the first women to step inside Hell in a Cell and main event at pay-per-view, but the result was not what we were expecting.

After a gruelling battle in the main event at Hell in a Cell, it was Charlotte who came out on top and stunned the crowd in Boston in a surprising result to become a three-time Raw Women’s Champion.

Charlotte powerbombed Banks throught he announcers atble before the match even began image: wwe.com

Charlotte powerbombed Banks thought he announcers table before the match even began
image: wwe.com

The Boss looked doomed even before the match began, as Charlotte blindsided the champion as the Cell lowered around them and pulled Banks down from the cell to powerbomb her through the announcer’s table.

The champion took a bad fall and after staggering around the cell, she collapsed and was loaded onto a stretcher. However as  the referee was about to reward the decision to Charlotte as Banks could not continue, the Boss was having none of it.

Banks stormed her way into the cell and finally the match got underway as Banks took the fight to the Queen, but Charlotte continued to wear Banks down targeting her injured back.

Banks managed to stay in it despite the amount of punishment that Charlotte put her through sending Charlotte into a table and paid tribute to idol Eddie Guerrero with the three amigos and the frog splash.

However after tossing Banks into a table multiple times without it breaking, Charlotte sealed victory with the Natural Selection in an underwhelming finish to a very good main event.

The start of the match brought us back to the moments of King of the Ring 1998 when Mankind refused to back down after being tossed of the top of the cell by the Undertaker, but the match won’t be regarded as a classic.

I think the decision to have the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell and have them main event a pay-per-view was too much and with Charlotte winning the gold in Banks’ hometown of Boston, the result did not go down well with those in attendance.

Reports indicate that Vince McMahon changed his mind on Sunday afternoon to have Charlotte win the match and although I do like Charlotte as champion, this was the wrong decision in my books.

The first ever women’s main event on a pay-per-view should have been a feel good moment but Banks coming out on top would have made a lot more sense. Like or not through, Charlotte is once again the Raw Women’s Champion.

It was one of three Hell in a Cell matches at the seventh annual Hell in a Cell and while the women’s match was a very good main event, the match of the night came as Kevin Owens overcame Seth Rollins to retain the Universal Championship.

It was a thrilling back and forth match as Rollins and Owens showcased the best of their ability and both men also used their surroundings to their favour, with Owens gaining an early spell of momentum working on Rollins injured back.

When Owens set off a fire extinguisher into the referee’s face, the door had to be opened to get assistance to the official which allowed Chris Jericho to race out and lock himself into the Cell the match suddenly became a Handicap match for Rollins.

Rollins initially managed to overcome the numbers as he took out Jericho and nailed a powerbomb on Owens through two tables outside the ring, but Jericho interrupted the referee’s count, which marked the beginning of the end for the two-time WWE Champion.

After targeting Rollins injured back with a number of chair shots, Owens nailed him with a powerbomb on two seated chairs to claim victory and retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Kevin Owens overcame a powerbomb thorugh two tables to retain the Universal Title image: wwe.com

Kevin Owens overcame a powerbomb through two tables to retain the Universal Title
image: wwe.com

It was the best of the three Hell in a Cell matches but I did not like Jericho sneaking his way into the cell. It should have been left to Owens vs Rollins one-on-one but once again Jericho helped his best friend Kevin Owens leave with the title still in tact.

It is only a matter of time before Jericho and Kevin Owen’s friendship is in tatters and I think it could come as soon as within the next few weeks as Jericho will then turn his attentions to beating his friend for the Universal title.

Roman Reigns made it two wins from two inside Hell in a Cell as he defeated Rusev to retain the United States Championship in the opening match of the night.

It came as no surprise that Reigns walked out of the cell still with the championship in tact after he speared Rusev off the steel steps in a good match to get the show underway, but it was more of a fight than a wrestling match.

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