Survivor Series 2016 Results: Goldberg stuns Lesnar, Wyatt gives Smackdown victory over Raw

It was the rematch that was 12 years in the making and after just 85 seconds, Goldberg came out on top in a stunning victory over Brock Lesnar at he 30th annual Survivor Series.

Lesnar came out of the blocks but after Goldberg shoved him to the mat, two spears and a jackhammer later Goldberg had squashed the Beast Brock Lesnar in just 85 seconds in a main event that left the WWE fans across the world in shock.

Two spears and a jackhammer saw Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in just 85 seconds image:

Two spears and a jackhammer saw Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in just 85 seconds

My initial reaction was that after all the hype about the match I was expecting more than a two-minute affair but are many theories you could suggest as to why this became the shortest pay-per-view main event in WWE history.

Their WrestleMania XX was so bad I think WWE might have went with the squash match to avoid a repeat of the drab affair. The quick also gave the element of shock which is obviously what Vince Mc Mahon wanted.

I had  feeling that Goldberg could be the man to end Lesnar’s path of dominance but I was not expecting him to do it in the matter that he did. However, I get why they did it after all Lesnar said about Goldberg’s family he came out of the blocks to give the Beast the beating of his life.

With all Lesnar has done over the past few years, including decimating Randy Orton and John Cena and ending the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, I get why people are annoyed as after all he done it is all gone in less than 90 seconds.

With him agreeing a deal to stay on for more than one match with the company last week, it would not have made sense from Goldberg to come back only to be decimated by Lesnar, as he has done with so may other opponents in the past couple of years.

Whether you like it or not, you have to deal with it. Goldberg’s win also means the former WCW Champion is sticking around and he announced on Raw that he is heading to San Anontio to compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble match.

Aside from Goldberg’s shocking demolition of the Beast, Survivor Series was also about Raw vs Smackdown and after a thrilling 50 minute men’s elimination match, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton emerged the surprise winners as Smackdown grabbed the win over Raw.

It was action packed from start to finish and no once did you feel bored as Smackdown and Raw’s finest superstars put on an epic Survivor Series Elimination match, which was without doubt the best match of the night.

Dean Ambrose was a shock first elimination of the match as Braun Strowman took advantage of AJ Styles and Ambrose’s falling out to eliminate the Lunatic Fringe after the running powerslam.

Chaos quickly erupted after Ambrose’s exit and Shane McMahon hit a stunning flying elbow drop onto Strowman through the announcers desk and the big guy failed to be the ten count after Smackdown mascot James Ellsworth grabbed hold of his leg to cause a countout.

The former Wyatt Family member – who also clashed with former mentor Bray Wyatt during the match – was not happy with his elimination and took his frustration out on Ellsworth by throwing from the stage through a table below.

Kevin Owens got disqualified after attacking WWE Champion Styles with the List of Jericho and as Chris Jericho tried to get his list back in one piece, Randy Orton nailed him with an RKO to give Smackdown a 4-on-2 advantage.

Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon put up a good fight but he met his demise when Roman Reigns reversed coast-to-coast with a thunderous spear and a bad landing for Shane O’Mac meant he could not legitimately continue with the referee pulling him from the match.

The spot of the night came when Dean Ambrose returned to take his frustration out on TLC opponent Styles and we got a Shield reunion as the trio hit a triple powerbomb on the WWE Champion through the announcer’s table before Rollins rolled him into the ring eliminate him.

It was down to two on two as Rollins and Reigns faced off against Bray Wyatt and Orton and after Luke Harper’s interference, Seth Rollins was the next to go after Orton’s RKO to leave Reigns fighting for Raw all on his own.

I thought a Orton blind side on Wyatt was near but the Apex Predator actually sacrificed himself to Reigns spear, allowing the Eater of Worlds to hit Sister Abigail on the United States Champion for a big win.

Shane McMahon sends Braun Strowman crashing through the announcers desk image:

Shane McMahon sends Braun Strowman crashing through the announcers desk

I was not expecting this outcome but I was delighted than Bray Wyatt finally got his big moment, as he led Smackdown to victory over Raw in a thrilling encounter that will be remembered as one of the greatest Survivor Series Elimination matches.

Raw made have lost the men’s elimination match but they did come out on top in the 10-on-10 tag teams elimination match as Cesaro and Sheamus were the sole survivors after a thrilling end to a good match.

It was no surprise that Breezango were eliminated after just 41 seconds by New Day’s Midnight Hour on Fandango but New Day’s early exit was a shock when Jimmy Uso took out Kofi Kingston with a superkick in two quick eliminations.

Hype Bros were the next to say goodbye to the match thanks to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Magic Killer on Zack Ryder and it was a level playing field once again when Shining Stars were eliminated two minutes later by American Alpha’s Elevated Diving Bulldog on Primo.

Chaos then erupted as a number of men went high risk including Enzo Amore, Chad Gable and Heath Slater but then the impressive American Alpha met a surprising end when Gallows and Anderson hit Midnight Hour on Jason Jordan.

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