TLC 2016 Results: Styles retains WWE Title as Ellsworth turns on Ambrose, Wyatt Family win gold

AJ Styles came out on top in a thrilling Tables, Ladders and Chairs main event against Dean Ambrose to continue his reign as WWE Champion after James Ellsworth turned his back on the Lunatic Fringe.

The encounter was certainly a great way to end one of the best fueds of the year and although it was Styles who capped off an incredible debut year in WWE by retaining the WWE Championship, it all didn’t go the Phenomenal One’s way.

AJ Styles takes Dean Ambrose off the ladder with a Phenomonal forearm image:

AJ Styles takes Dean Ambrose off the ladder with a phenomenal forearm

Ambrose hit the champion with an early onslaught as the Lunatic Fringe dominated the early goings with a suplex to Styles on the entrance ramp and he also ran a steel chair into his opponent on the barricade.

Ambrose continued his early dominance by sending AJ Styles crashing through four stacked chairs after reversing the champion’s suplex attempt and also hit a flying elbow drop with a chair.

Styles did not let a tear in the backside of his tights bother him as he finally hit a big move of his own by suplexing the Lunatic Fringe through a table, but Ambrose fought back to hit another diving elbow drop from a ladder to send Styles crashing through the announcers desk.

The action filled match continued to swing back and forth as Styles nailed Ambrose with the Phenomenal forearm to knock Ambrose off the ladder, but the challenger hit back by sending Styles into the ladder with the airplane spin.

After Styles sent Ambrose crashing through another table with an incredible springboard 450 splash, it looked like the Phenomenal One was on his way to retain the championship but became distracted when James Ellsworth made his way out to ringside.

Styles targeted Ellsworth but his attempt at another Styles Clash on the steel steps was thwarted by Ambrose who nailed him with Dirty Deeds on the steel stairs.

It looked like Ambrose had it won when he sent Styles crashing off the ladder to the floor but in a shock move, Ellsworth turned his back on the Lunatic Fringe by sending him crashing off the ladder through two tables below allowing Styles to get back up the ladder to retrieve the gold.

It was an incredible match to end a great fued between Styles and Ambrose and although I have been critical of James Ellsworth being stuck in the middle of the main event title picture, his involvement gave the match a shocking conclusion.

It came to no surprise that Styles left Dallas still the WWE Champion but who is next in line for the Phenomenal One? Is John Cena going to have another crack of equalling a record 16 world titles or could a date with the Legend Undertaker be in Styles near future?

The Miz retained his Intercontinental Championship as the  Awesome One brought his amazing fued with Dolph Ziggler to an end in an exciting Ladder match.

It started off at a fast pace with plenty of back and forth action and the action spilled to the outside early on, as both men used the ladder as a weapon with Ziggler nailing Miz with a DDT on the ladder to gain some early momentum.

After a lengthy battle on the outside, the action finally got back into the ring as Ziggler continued to keep the momentum on his side with a diving elbow drop of a ladder but Miz pulled the match in his favour when he knocked the Show Off from the ladder.

After a slow start, the match was getting into top gear now as Miz once again mocked Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan before he went to work on Ziggler’s injured knee after wrapping it around the ladder.

He inflicted immense pain on Ziggler with a Figure 4 Leg Lock in the ladder but soon Miz felt the pain, when he suffered a bad landing after Ziggler knocked down a dangling Miz with the ladder to leave the champion writhing in pain.

The Miz's skull crushing finale sends Dolph Ziggler face first into the ladder image:

The Miz’s skull crushing finale sends Dolph Ziggler face first into the ladder

Both men were on one leg and as it looked like the Show Off was heading towards a sixth Intercontinental Championship after sending Miz crashing with a number of right-hands and headbutts, Miz raced back up to nail him with two low blows.

After a thrilling back-and-forth finish, this dirty tactics allowed Miz to push Ziggler off the ladder to the mat below to retain the Intercontinental Championship and dedicated his victory to Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan after his hard-fought victory.

It was not the best match in this great fued between Miz and Ziggler over the past few months, but it definitely came close as The Miz came out on top once again to prove he is the better man.

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