Balls and Brawls WWE Awards 2016: OMG! Moment of the Year

There have been some great moments in the WWE this year, but the Balls and Brawls Award for OMG! Moment of the Year goes to Shane McMahon for his death-defying leap of the top of the Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania.

Shane O’Mac has been known to put his body on the line for the entertainment of the WWE Universe and his showdown with the Deadman at WrestleMania was no different, as he would take a leap of faith from the top of the cell in a bid to gain control of Raw.

Shane McMahon jumps from the Cell and crashes through the announcers table image:

Shane McMahon jumps from the Cell and crashes through the announcer’s table

In late February, Shane McMahon made a stunning return to WWE for the first time in seven years and confronted sister Stephanie that he felt herself and Triple H were running WWE into the ground. He told her and his dad that he wanted control of Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon would give his son what he wanted but in order to get his hands on the keys to Raw, he must defeat The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell on the grandest stage.

In front of a record WrestleMania attendance at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Shane went face to face with the Deadman and gave it his all in an attempt to topple the Phenom to gain control of Raw.

A coast-to-coast with the trashcan was not enough to put Undertaker away and went the action spilled outside the cell after Undertaker drove his opponent through the Cell, Shane would go to drastic measures in his attempt to beat the Deadman.

After laying Undertaker across the announcer’s table after smacking him across the head with a tool box, Shane went to the top of the cell and went for the diving elbow drop. Unfortunately for him, Undertaker moved and Shane crashed through the announcer’s desk.

This mistake proved costly for Shane O’Mac as Undertaker sealed the win to keep his career alive with the Tombstone Piledriver but despite his defeat, it would not be the end of Shane’s desire to run Raw.

The next night on Raw, Vince McMahon would not let his son be the bigger man and gave Shane the chance to run Raw for the night and after a successful night, Shane would continue to run Raw due to popular demand.

When the brand extension was announced, Shane would lose the gig as Stephanie was named commissioner for Raw. However, he would be named the man to run Smackdown and brought back the popular Daniel Bryan as his general manager.

While that shocking moment of Shane leaping from the Cell and missing his target looked like it was all for nothing at first, Shane’s heart and desire would land him the top job on Smackdown, which has been outshining his sister’s Raw week in, week out.

Second place – Goldberg brings down The Beast

In October came another face to return to the WWE, as Goldberg stepped into the ring for the first time in 12 years to accept Brock Lesnar’s challenge to a match at Survivor Series.

Two spears and a jackhammer saw Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in just 85 seconds image:

Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in just 85 seconds

After weeks of build-up and expectation, the two heavyweights finally met in a WrestleMania XX rematch in the main event of Survivor Series and once the bell rang, no one could believe what they were seeing.

Brock Lesnar had been on a path of destruction for over three years including demolishing John Cena, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and also shockingly ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX.

However, the Beast finally met his match in former WCW Champion Goldberg as in less than 90 seconds, Goldberg stunned Lesnar with two spears and a jackhammer to hand the Beast his first pinfall loss since WrestleMania XXIX.

While the booking caused a lot of debate for a man who was 12 years away from the ring to stun the unbeatable Beast in just 86 seconds, you cannot deny it was one of the most shocking moments of the year.

Third place – Triple H costs Seth Rollins the Universal Championship

Triple H cost Seth Rollins the Universal title image:

Triple H cost Seth Rollins the Universal title

Finn Balor made history at SummerSlam when he defeated Seth Rollins to become the first Universal Champion but unfortunately for the Demon, a dislocated shoulder suffered in that match meant Balor had to surrender the title after being ruled out of action for at least six months.

Rollins would get another chance to claim the gold in a Fatal 4 Way against Kevin Owens, Big Cass and Roman Reigns on the 29 August edition of Raw to crown a new Universal Champion.

Triple H made his return for the first time since losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and attacked the United States Champion causing him to be eliminated, as it looked like The Game would assist Rollins to the win.

However, Triple H would turn his back on Rollins nailing him with the pedigree, allowing KO to score the winning pinfall to become the new Universal Champion and had his hand raised in victory by The King of Kings.

We have not seen Triple H since but there is no doubt when he comes back, Rollins will have eyes set on The Game which will lead to a one-on-one showdown at WrestleMania 33.

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