Royal Rumble 2017 Results: Cena beats Styles to win 16th world title, Orton triumphs in the Rumble

Remember the Rumble? More like forget that Rumble as it was John Cena who stole the show in front of 52,000 fans in the Alamodome to defeat AJ Styles in a classic encounter to tie Ric Flair’s record of 16 world titles.

It was a big fight feel as Cena and Styles went at it again in a SummerSlam rematch and if you though that match was good, Cena and Styles topped it, as it as the leader of the Cenation make it third time lucky against Phenomenal One in the match of the night.

John Cena beat AJ Styles to tie Ric Flair's record of 16 world titles image:

John Cena beat AJ Styles to tie Ric Flair’s record of 16 world titles

It was all champion Styles in the early goings off the match, as the Phenomenal One overcame an early Attitude Adjustment by the challenger and also reversed Cena’s spin-out powerbomb into a hurricanrana.

Cena began to fight back by avoiding a Styles Clash attempt sending Styles face first into the mat and finally hit the spin-out powerbomb. However, Styles pulled the momentum back in his favour countering the five knuckle shuffle into a wheelbarrow facebuster.

Styles had to avoid another AA attempt by grabbing the top rope and countered Cena’s superplex into a torture rack, which he managed to spin into a poerbomb for a close two count.

Cena hit the AA at the third time of asking after avoiding the Phenomenal forearm and then hit the WWE Champion with a wicked clothesline. However, a second clothesline attempt was countered by the Pele Kick and the Phenomenal Forearm.

After a slow start, this WWE Championship was now kicking into top gear and Styles countered the AA again to lock in the calf crusher, before Styles managed to escape Cena’s STF and used Cena’s own submission against him.

Cena looked to tie Ric Flair’s record by making Styles tap out to the Nature Boy’s Figure 4 Leg Lock but once again Styles had an answer for Cena, by reversing into the cross armbreaker which Cena managed to counter by lifting up Styles and driving him into the mat.

The crowd thought Styles had retained with a perfect Styles Clash after catching Cena’s top-rope leg drop into a powerbomb, but Cena kicked out to keep the match alive.

Cena got his knees up on Styles’ springboard 450 and after a couple of more near falls for both men, Cena looked to finish it with the AA off the second turnbuckle but once again Styles kicked out, as the crowd began to raise to their feet to witness the end of this history making match.

Styles hit the Styles Clash again but not going for a pin proved costly, as Cena caught him in his Phenomenal forearm attempt and followed it up with two Attitude Adjustment’s to pick up the win and his 16th world championship.

It was a magical moment for Cena to finally tie the record in front of 52,000 fans in the Alamodome who gave him a rapturous cheer and a great show of respect to one of the best to ever step foot in a WWE ring.

It was an incredible match to end the war between Cena and Styles as the leader of the Cenation finally got the win over Styles when it mattered to write his place in history alongside the Hall of Famer Ric Flair on 16 world title reigns.

Cena could be defending his WWE Championship against old rival Randy Orton at WrestleMania, after the Viper secured his second Royal Rumble triumph by last eliminating Roman Reigns in a Royal Rumble match that failed to live up to the hype.

All the hype coming into this one was about Brock Lesnar looking to score revenge on Goldberg and Undertaker looking for his second Rumble triumph, but the big names failed to make a lasting impact on the match, as it was the bookies favourite Orton who slayed the pack.

The 30th Royal Rumble match kicked off with Big Cass and Chris Jericho and were soon joined by Smackdown’s Kalisto and Mojo Rawley, before cruiserweight Jack Gallagher added a bit of comedy to the match as the number five entrant.

He low blowed number two entrant Jericho with his umbrella and spun it around Y2J’s legs, before the Englishman met his match in number six entrant Mark Henry, who sent both Gallagher and his brolly flying.

One of the favourites Braun Strowman made his entrance at number seven and immediately eliminated Mojo, Big Cass and Kalisto before coming face to face with the world’s strongest man. Not even Henry could survive against Braun, as Strowman made him his fourth victim.

Sami Zayn entered at number eight to take the fight to his recent rival but Strowman overpowered him, before he went toe-to-toe with Big Show. Strowman took down the world’s largest athlete with one clothesline before sending Show on his way.

The number ten entrant was the ‘Perect Ten’ as  NXT Superstar Tye Dillinger made his debut but not even the team of Dillinger and Zayn could topple the powerful Strowman, who suplexed both men at the same time.

James Ellsworth was all up for the Rumble at number 11, but would not enter the ring until old buddy Dean Ambrose came out. However, the Lunatic Fringe duped him into the path of Strowman, who made light work of the fan favourite in 15 seconds.

Strowman made Dillinger his seventh elimination but then Strowman was stunned by a 3-on-1 attack, as unlucky 13 Baron Corbin followed up Zayn’s Helluva Kick by clotheslining Strowman out of the Royal Rumble match.

Kofi Kingston has a habit of great escapes in the Rumble and he did it again, this time avoiding elimination from the Lone Wolf by clinging onto the ringpost, before scaling it to jump back into the ring and nail Corbin with trouble in paradise.

Braun Strowman clings on but was soon eliminated by Baron Corbin image:

Braun Strowman clings on but was soon eliminated by Baron Corbin

The ring began to fill up with Kofi’s fellow New Day members Big E and Xavier Woods, The Miz, former Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus, Rusev and Bray Wyatt, who were looking to make an impact.

Cesaro and Sheamus dumped out all three New Day member’s in one go but Sheamus’ sneak attempt to eliminate his partner Cesaro proved costly for both men, as Jericho came from behind to eliminate both men.

Apollo Crews, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler all entered the fray before number 25 Luke Harper made an impact by clotheslining his brother Bray Wyatt, but his attempt to hit him with his own Sister Abigail was denied by Orton’s RKO.

Business began to pick up as Brock Lesnar was the 26th entrant and he made an instant impact by eliminating Ambrose and Ziggler before he went suplex city crazy and nailed both Miz and the Viper with an F5.

Enzo Amore would have liked to draw lucky number 27 but the ‘Certified G’ ran into Lesnar’s vicious clothesline, before being thrown out after just 18 seconds.

Goldberg came face to face with Lesnar in the number 28 slot and just like Survivor Series, he made light work of the Beast by nailing him with a spear before clotheslining Lesnar out of the match to stun him yet again in a matter of seconds.

The WCW legend then came face-to-face with the penultimate entrant Undertaker and after Goldberg rid of Rusev and Taker dumped out Corbin, Godlberg nailed the Deadman with a spear.

However, the Phenom has the last laugh by eliminating him from behind after Goldberg just tossed out Luke Harper, before the Deadman met the surprise number 30 entrant Roman Reigns.

Fans were expecting a big surprise for the final entrant, possibly Finn Balor or Samoa Joe, but instead they got the Big Dog, which did not go down well with 52,000 disappointed fans.

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