Elimination Chamber 2017 Results: Wyatt wins first WWE Title inside the Chamber, Naomi secures gold

Bray Wyatt claimed his first WWE Championship as the Eater of Worlds outlasted John Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz, Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin in a thrilling main event inside the Elimination Chamber.

With Randy Orton picking up the win in the Royal Rumble match two weeks ago, it came to no one’s surprise that Wyatt emerged from the chamber to win his first WWE Championship but despite the predictable outcome, it was a great main event to an average pay-per-view.

Bray Wyatt pinned John Cena and AJ Styles on his way to winning the gold image: wwe.com

Bray Wyatt pinned John Cena and AJ Styles on his way to winning the gold
image: wwe.com

After a thrilling WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble, 16-time champion John Cena and AJ Styles kicked off proceedings inside the new-look Elimination Chamber and it was Styles who started off the stronger of the two, hitting Cena with a spin out powerbomb for an early near fall.

The two men went back and forth in the early moments as Styles saw his Styles Clash countered into a sunset flip roll up, before he avoided Cena’ STF to nail him with the Ushigoroshi.

Dean Ambrose was the first man to be released from the pods as he came in with intent by suplexing Styles on the steel, before he dived off the top of the pod to hit an elbow drop on the champion.

A struggle between Styles and the Lunatic Fringe allowed Cena to german suplex both men across the ring, but when Bray Wyatt was next to enter the match, the Eater of Worlds began to build some momentum.

He countered Styles springboard attempt to send him into the steel chain but Styles managed to reverse his fortunes by sending Wyatt into the ringpost, before delivering a leg drop to the back of Wyatt’s neck.

Cena and Styles went back it and began to climb the chamber , which turned out to be a bad move for both men as Styles sent Cena crashing to the floor before Ambrose followed Styles up sending his head crashing multiple times into the plexiglass.

Ambrose launched himself onto Wyatt from the side of the chamber but he was met by an uppercut. Ambrose pulled it back in his favour as he powerbombed Wyatt out of the corner, who also dragged Styles down off the top of the pod with him.

Baron Corbin dominated the action straight away when he was released from the pod hitting the deep six on the Intercontinental Champion Ambrose, hit a big boot to Wyatt and hit both Styles and Cena with the End of Days.

The Miz was hesitant to leave his pod when his time came to enter, which allowed Ambrose to catch out Corbin from behind with a roll up to eliminated the Lone Wolf.

Corbin assaulted Ambrose in frustration by sending him crashing through a pod and hit End of Days, which allowed The Miz to sneak in and score the pinfall to eliminate the Intercontinental Champion.

The Miz began to build momentum mocking Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan with a number of kicks and hit Wyatt with the Skull Crushing Finale on the steel, but a high risk move failed to pay off as Cena eliminated the Awesome One with the Attitude Adjustment.

Wyatt and Styles briefly ganged up on Cena before they went at it which allowed the champion to get back up and hit a ten knuckle shuffle and hit the AA on Wyatt. However, Styles reversed a second AA by hitting the Styles Clash on Cena for a near fall.

Cena then had a close call on Styles with the AA before he launched himself onto both men from the top of the pod. He went for another AA on Wyatt but he reversed it into Sister Abigail to eliminate the champion.

Styles avoided the Sister Abigail by countering into a roll up and also survived a powerful clothesline to build some momentum with the pele kick and a springboard 450, but he could only manage a two count for his efforts.

Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Wyatt countered into the Sister Abigail to score the victory and predictably come out on top in this entertaining main event to secure the WWE Championship for the first time.

So it looks like the stage is set for WrestleMania as Royal Rumble winner Orton will challenge Wyatt brother and new WWE Champion Bray at WrestleMania, which is bound to cause some tension between the Viper and the champion.

I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the coming weeks but I have no doubt that their relationship will reach breaking point before the two men clash for the most coveted prize on the WWE on the grandest stage.

Orton also picked up a big victory at Elimination Chamber as the Apex Predator overcame the tough test of former Wyatt brother Luke Harper in another very good back and forth match.

Harper had Orton reeling in the early goings by sending Orton back first into the barricade and hitting an impressive dropkick, but the momentum shifted in Orton’s favour after he sent Harper crashing off the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Orton was well in control of his opponent wearing him down in the sleeper after sending him back first onto the announcer’s table, but Harper began to fight back and hit a springboard senton and the big boot for a near fall.

The avoided the apron DDT to catapult Orton neck first into the second rope and Harper continued to impress fans in Phoenix with his suicide dive sending Orton crashing over the announcer’s table.

Orton managed to find the strength to hit a powerslam on the outside and returned to the ring to hit Harper with a superplex, a full nelson slam and hit signature apron DDT. However, an RKO attempt was met by two superkicks as Harper continued to give it his all.

However, Orton finally managed to break down the resilient Harper by countering the discus clothesline into the RKO to pick up a hard-fought victory to keep his momentum going on the road to WrestleMania.

It was important for Orton to pick up the win but Luke Harper can be very happy with his display against the veteran as he gave as good as he got in this entertaining hard-hitting battle.

Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton picked up a ahrd fought win over L uke Harper image: wwe.com

Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton picked up a hard fought win over Luke Harper
image: wwe.com

The biggest surprise of the night came in one of the three women’s matches on the cards as Naomi made it hat-trick of victories over Alexa Bliss in recent weeks to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Naomi almost caught out the champion seconds into the match with a close roll-up and had the champion reeling before Bliss shifted the match in her favour after dragging her off the top rope by the hair.

Naomi fought out of the sleeper hold with an arm drag and had another close call after hitting a somersault clothesline and an impressive neckbreaker on the champion.

A kick out by Naomi after a DDT sent Bliss into a tantrum and frustration cost her as Naomi hit her two feet into the jaw of Alexa. However, a split legged moonsault was countered by Bliss, who was then caught by the referee when trying to score a leverage roll up.

Naomi got her knees up in the champion’s finisher Twisted Bliss, which then allowed her to finally hit the spilt legged moonsault to pick up the biggest win of her career to claim her first title in WWE.

It was a decent match from the two women with a surprising result as I thought Bliss was a very good champion. However, Naomi is a very good athlete too and years of hard work finally paid off, as she will head to WrestleMania as the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

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