WrestleMania 33 Results: Undertaker retires after Reigns defeat, Lesnar conquers Goldberg

We witnessed the end of an era as The Undertaker bid a final farewell to the WWE Universe ,after Roman Reigns defeated the Deadman in the main event of WrestleMania 33.

After a long five-hours of action, drama, returning superstars and a marriage proposal, WrestleMania 33 will forever be remembered as the Phenom’s last match, as Reigns proved this is his yard now to inflict a second WrestleMania defeat on The Undertaker.

Undertaker left his hat, coat and gloves in the ring before heading off up the ramp one last time
image: wwe.com

With the last-minute addition of a No Holds Barred stipulation, the main event got off to a slow but steady start as Undertaker began to dominate the Big Dog in the early goings.

However, Reigns would manage to find his feet against the Phenom and drove him through the Spanish announcers desk with the spear, which seemed to take a lot out of the Undertaker.

Reigns tried to reverse Undertaker’s tombstone but failed to lift the Deadman as it appeared the Undertaker began to tire and the pace of the match began to go even slower.

The Deadman fought back to hit Reigns with a chokeslam on a chair, a last ride and the tombstone piledriver, but none of it was enough to put the Big Dog away.

However, it was all Reigns in the closing moments as it seemed the end was very much near for Undertaker and after a number of chair shots and a fifth spear, Reigns picked up the victory for the biggest win of his career.

It was not the greatest WrestleMania main event ever which did include a number of botches and as expected, Reigns beating Undertaker did not go down too well with the 75,000 plus fans in the Camping World Stadium.

However, it made sense of Undertaker to “pass the torch” to Reigns in his final ever match as after nearly 27 years of thrilling WWE fans, Undertaker appeared to signal retirement.

The Deadman would leave his gloves, his coat and hat in the ring and raised his hand as he lowered back down into the stage, to mark the end of an era for one of the greatest superstars ever.

The match might not have been much, but what transpired to close the show was something really special as Undertaker’s retirement was a sure one of the most emotional moments in WrestleMania history.

There will never be another character quite like the Deadman and with many ’90s fans having grown up with the Deadman throughout their childhoods, it is a moment that will never be forgotten as we bid farewell to one of the greatest and unique superstars in WWE history.

What is next for Reigns could be a clash with new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, after the Beast made it third time lucky against Goldberg to get his hands on the gold.

It may have only went just less than five minutes but in their short encounter, they had you gripped from start to finish in a match that did exactly what it needed to do in Lesnar finally destroying Goldberg to put his Survivor Series embarrassment behind him.

Lesnar came straight out of the blocks with two german suplexes, but Goldberg got straight back up to nail Lesnar with a spear, before delivering another one to the Beast this time sending both men crashing through the barricade.

It looked like it was going to be deja vu for Lesnar as Goldberg hit another spear on his challenger and followed it up with the jackhammer, but this time the Beast kicked out.

In the final minute, it was all Lesnar as he introduced Goldberg to Suplex City with more german suplexes before sealing the win with the F5 to win his first WWE Universal Championship.

It definitely had the crowd on their feet even though it was an expected short encounter and definitely pleased the fans to have Lesnar finally win, with Goldberg’s offense during the match met with a chorus of boos.

Brock Lesnar handed Goldberg his first ever clean loss
image: wwe.com

After a crushing defeat to Lesnar – which was Goldberg’s first ever clean loss in his career – it is hard to see how the WCW legend will come back from this. WrestleMania 33 could also prove to be Goldberg’s last match along with the Deadman.

It is rumoured that the two only men to defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania, Lesnar and Reigns could go head-to-head at WrestleMania 34 , so who will be in line for the Beast until then if they have to keep Reigns and Lesnar apart until next year in New Orleans.

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman could be among the men to face the Beast and while Finn Balor will be coming back to Raw soon in a bid to win the title he never lost, it would be hard to take a Lesnar v Balor match seriously because it is a bit of a mismatch.

Lesnar was just one of five new champions crowned in Orlando, as Randy Orton won his 13th WWE Championship with victory over Bray Wyatt is one of the most bizarre matches in WrestleMania history.

After all the hype surrounding the Wyatt vs Orton championship match and the soul of Sister Abigail, it failed to live up to expectation in the biggest disappointment of the night.

This match was less about the wrestling and more about Bray Wyatt’s mind games as projections of maggots and cockroaches shone down on the ring mat in a bid to freak out the Viper.

However that is as interesting as this one got as Orton hit an RKO outta nowhere, despite Wyatt’s spooky mind games to win his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania in a short back-and-forth match.

While the graphics did look awesome, I think this was a bad booking decision by WWE. They should have just let them have a proper wrestling match because ithe graphics was too distracting from the actual action.

After all the mind games and Orton appearing to be spooked out by the images, it did not make any sense of Orton to win as Wyatt fell to another WrestleMania loss leaving him at 0-3.

I think in hindsight WWE will feel they went about this match in completely the wrong way. I was disappointed to see Wyatt lose the title after less than two months as champion, but I don’t think this rivalry is done just yet.

In another much-anticipated match at WrestleMania 33, Seth Rollins scored revenge on his former mentor Triple H in a non-sanctioned match, which was one of the best matches on the card.

It told a great story of Triple H targeting the injured knee of Seth Rollins to stop him in tracks, after an early fury from the Architect. Triple H avoided a pedigree on the announcers desk by countering into a DDT, before he went to work on the injured right knee.

With an inverted figure 4 leg lock applied to the bad leg, Rollins tried to find something under the ring to break the hold and pulled out a sledgehammer among them, forcing Triple H to break the hold with a chiar shot.

Seth Rollins avoids Triple H’s sledgehammer attack
image wwe.com

Rollins would avoid a shot from the sledgehammer by nailing The Game with an enziguiri, but when Rollins got hold of the sledgehammer Stephanie Mc Mahon was on hand to take it away from the former two-time WWE Champion.

Rollins kicked out of the pedigree and hit a Phoenix Splash for a near fall after avoiding a pedigree off the top rope. A superkick from Rollins sent Triple H knocking his wife Stephanie off the apron through the table below, before Rollins sealed the win with a pedigree.

It was a solid match, but it was strange to see Triple H lose to his own finisher as he suffered a 12th loss at the showcase of immortals, the most of any superstar in history.

While it was possibly the best match of the night, I was surprised not to see a cameo from Samoa Joe, who did not appear at WrestleMania in any capacity. However, I still think we will be seeing a Samoa Joe v Rollins rivalry over the next couple of months.

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