Payback 2017 Results: Strowman dominates Reigns, Jericho upsets Owens to reclaim US Title

Braun Strowman continued his path of destruction at WWE Payback, as the Monster Among Men dominated an injured Roman Reigns in the main event on a disappointing night in San Jose.

After suffering rib injuries and a dislocated shoulder in an ambush from Strowman a few weeks ago on Raw, Reigns came to fight Strowman despite not being 100% and it would be a decision that would not pay off for the Big Dog.

Braun Strowman continued his attack after a dominant win over Roman Reigns

Reigns striked first against Strowman and sent him over the top rope in the early goings, but after Strowman launched Reigns into the barricade and chokeslammed him on the announcers desk, the Monster of Men began to take control of his opponent.

Strowman targeted the injured shoulder of Reigns sending him into the ringpost and the steel steps, before Reigns managed to gain some breathing space after hitting the Samoan drop.

Reigns began to build some momentum with Drive By and avoided the running powerslam by sending Strowman face first into the ringpost. He managed to connect with the spear but Strowman kicked out to keep the match alive.

Reigns nailed Strowman with two superman punches, but a third was countered by locking Reigns in a triangle choke and he looked to seal victory with the running powerslam, but Reigns kicked out to leave Strowman in disbelief.

However, Strowman would hit his finisher for a second time to pick up the win over the Big Dog, but Strowman was not yet done with Reigns as he attacked him with the steel steps after the match and drove it into Reigns injured ribs.

It was not the greatest main event ever but it did what it needed to do to continue to make Strowman look like a dominant monster, as they look to push him into a Universal Championship fued with Brock Lesnar.

However after what Strowman has done in recent ltimes, like pushing Kalisto off the stage in a dumpster and tipping over an ambulance, his post-match attack was not as vicious and maybe he could have done more damage to an already injured Reigns.

While it seems inevitable that Strowman will take on Lesnar at some point in the near future, I don’t think he is done with Reigns just yet as the Big Dog will look to settle the score when he is 100% fit, possibly at Extreme Rules.

It could be a plain and simple Extreme Rules match or an Ambulance match to bring this fued to an end and hopefully the fans get what they want with Reigns getting another beating, before Strowman looks to take the Universal title away from the Beast.

Payback gave us the first ever House of Horrors match as Bray Wyatt scored revenge over Randy Orton for his WrestleMania defeat, thanks to a helping hand from Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers.

The first part of the match saw Orton arrive to a house in the middle of nowhere to meet fight Wyatt, but there was more mind games from the Eater of Worlds than actual fighting with a couple of disappearing acts from the former WWE Champion.

Orton went from room to room which had cryptic elements, such as creepy baby dolls hanging from the ceiling which gave the feeling and other graphics gave us a feel that this was more like a bad horror movie, than something on a wrestling show.

In the kitchen of the run down house, Wyatt avoided an attack from a frying pan by nailing Orton with a low blow, before he knocked over a fridge on top of him and left in Orton’s limo to head to the arena.

This part was fine but having been told the match will end in the arena, it kind of spoiled the intrigue of what was going to happen next because you knew that despite having a fridge knocked over on top of him, Orton would turn up to continue the fight in the ring.

That is exactly what happened as Orton somehow manage to survive the attack and turn up at the arena the same time as Wyatt, despite having his limo stolen and began to take control of the fight against Wyatt, nailing him with a DDT off the announcers desk.

Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers turned up to ambush Orton and cost him the match, as Mahal attacked the Viper with the WWE Championship he stole, allowing Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail to win the match.

While I am glad Wyatt won, this match did not work for me. I liked the first half in the House of Horrors even though it felt like a bad horror movie, but the second half in the arena made the overall match fall flat.

I just don’t buy Mahal as a guy who can beat Orton and it seems the crowd feel that way too, as having the shock No. 1 contender cost his Backlash opponent the match did nothing to help either Orton or Wyatt.

I expected the House of Horrors to be a flop and that is exactly what is was. Orton will now head back to Smackdown to continue his fued with Mahal, while Wyatt now seems set to take aim at Finn Balor after their fued came to a disappointing end.

Seth Rollins scored revenge over Samoa Joe for injuring him back in January, which nearly made him miss WrestleMania, but this encounter was not the match of the night I was expecting.

There was nothing wrong with it the match but for two very talented wrestlers, this match never really took off and it felt nothing more than an average match you would see on Monday nights.

Seth Rollins handed Samoa Joe his first singles loss on the amin roster

Rollins came out of the blocks from the offset, catching the Samoan Destroyer with a springboard crossbody and two suicide dives but after Joe hit a suicide dive of his own, the momentum swung in Samoa Joe’s favour.

Joe then targeted the injured knee of Rollins hitting a senton right on the bad knee and continue to wear Rollins down with a kneebar and the half-leg boston crab to try make the Kingslayer give up.

Rollins managed to overcome the pain to fight back against Joe hitting him with a slingblade and also had two close calls for the win after the Phoenix splash and a Falcon arrow.

Rollins had another near fall in a  roll up after reversing Joe’s Coquina Clutch, before he was met with a powerful clothesline. Rollins managed to reverse the Coquina Clutch into a roll up again and this time he was successful in picking up the win over the Samoan Destroyer.

It was a decent match but it was not thrilling as I expected it to be. However, I don’t think this was the last meeting between these two men and I am sure this loss won’t sit down too well with Joe, who be aiming to score some revenge on the two-time WWE Champion.

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