It’s back!!! Premier League 2017/18 Season Preview

The new Premier League season is just hours away and to get you started for what is set to be an exciting season, here is my predicted table and who I think will be crowned champions?

Over the past few days, I have been outlining my predictions for the next season. Who I think will be going down, who will qualify for Europe and most important: who will lift the trophy come May?

Chelsea chase a third Premier League title in four seasons

Here is a quick recap of my final predicted table for the 2017/18 Season:

1. Man City
2. Man United
3. Chelsea
4. Tottenham
5. Arsenal
6. Liverpool
7. Everton
8. West Ham
9. Leicester
10. Bournemouth
11. Southampton
12. West Brom
13. Crystal Palace
14. Stoke
15. Newcastle
16. Burnley
17. Watford
18. Brighton
19. Swansea
20. Huddersfield

For a more in-depth preview to my predictions on how each team will fare this season and my reasons for it, you can check out my four part season preview by clicking on the following posts:

Title Challengers  |  The Race for Europe  |  Mid-Table Safety  |  Relegation Scrap

Do you agree? Who do you think will be champions? Who do you think are not good enough to survive? Let me know my leaving a comment below.

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