About Balls and Brawls

In 2018, Balls and Brawls will be celebrating its fifth anniversary and I am hoping to make it the best year yet for the website as I aim to continue to keep you up to date with all the latest sport and WWE action.

This blog originally launched in March 2013 under the name Liam’s World of Sport and nearly five years on from the launch, I plan to shake things up a bit in 2018 and bring you a new experience.

As always, I will keep you up to date with all the goings on in the Premier League, including weekly predictions and recaps of the action. This summer also sees the 2018 World Cup takes place and I hope to keep you in touch with all the action in Russia.

A brand new experience of your WWE news will feature on the blog in 2018, but I will continue to do my monthly predictions on every pay-per-view and hopefully add more wrestling quizzes too.

It will also continue to bring you the weekly round-up of all the major sports action every Monday with The Week in Sport and then test your knowledge at the end of each month with the Know your Sport? quizzes.

I also have a few other ideas in mind to help take this blog to the next level so stay tuned for even more new features coming to Balls and Brawls over the coming months and I hope you continue to enjoy reading and interacting with my posts.

Write for Balls and Brawls

To help take this website to the next level, I hope to add more contributors to the team over the next few months. If you would like to volunteer and contribute to Balls and Brawls, please send a message to me on Twitter @liammcnamara9 or leave a comment below.

Please state your name, what sports you would be interested in writing, how many articles you would be willing to publish each week and then we will take it from there.


Balls and Brawls joined up with Sporticos in 2016 and I am keen to further expand this blog’s partners to gain more followers and views to benefit both this website and potential partners.

If you already own a WordPress blog and are interested in forming a partnership with Balls and Brawls, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “About Balls and Brawls

  1. Hello Liam,

    I am Hammad from Sporticos. We put your link on our partner’s page but I cannot find ours on your site.Could you please look into that?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Its me from nonbiasview.wordpress.com and I’ve got an idea. Most of my followers (8) have football blogs nd I was thinking maybe we cud all make one big blog nd post on that.

    PS. I’ve got four people far so if u wanna be part of the super blog that’d be great.


  3. I saw your blog and really enjoyed it. I have a unique sports website, fanthem.com that is dedicated to bringing citizen sports journalists to the forefront by highlighting great writers like yourself. You can create new content or re-post your blog content on fanthem.com and increase your blogs exposure while also getting more interaction from readers. Let me know if you are interested at fanthemsports@gmail.com.

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